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Machtric Inverter - S2100GS [Back]

Product description:Power range:   0.75kW-2.2kW  220V
                        0.75kW-11kW  380V
Advantage : IP65 waterproof
          Built-in Pump control function
          Easy installation

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product specification:

Big savings on installation:With a built in RFI filter, the S2100S IP65 inverter can be positioned close to the motor which cuts the cost of shielded motor cables. Choose the version with integrated insulator to simplify your external connections.
Big performance: The S2100S IP65 is a modern sensorless vector inverter with 200% overload capacity, a wide range of supply and fieldbus options, and excellent I/O.
Big advantages of easy handling: The S2100S IP65 inverters integrate the EPM memory module - a simple plug in chip that stores all the drive settings. The EPM module can be programmed off-line and the settings transferred from drive to drive in seconds. In the unlikely event that a drive fails, the EPM guarantees you minimum downtime. 

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